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[TOKOIRIYA RYOKI to AI vol.10]   Stage performances


On 20th and 22th October, “TOKOIRIYA RYOKI to AI vol.10” will be performed at the Nihonbashi-Kokaido in Chuo-ku, Tokyo in accordance with the Japanese governments and the "National Association of Public Cultural Institutions” guidelines for the reopening of theaters including measures for social distancing, security and safety. 

 On this occasion “Shi Ho Hai” (a choreography by Ryoki Midorima) 

will be perform to the public for the first time in TOKYO.

“Shi Ho Hai” is a dance performed early in the morning on New Year's Day at a royal court, and is based on lost records of Okinawan island rituals. Ryoki reproduced the classic Ryukyuan dance while reinterpreting it from a contemporary perspective.



October 20th 19:00 START Ballet [Mihakashi]

October 22th 14:00 START 10th Anniversary Special-Gala

@Nihonbashi-kokaido -Chu0-ku, Tokyo, Japan


For booking, please email to the below address with

Your Name / Phone Number / Email Address / Preferred Date / Preferred number of Tickets


Performance charge is JPY 18,000 per person including handling charge.


Ryoki Midorima Official Website:

·       TEL: +81-(0)90-9079-5886  

·       Mail:


Both stages are organized by TOKOIRIYA SOCIETY Association

[Program October 22th]


·   Lumières de l 'Est ~ Light from the East

Created as a dedication to the TENKAWA-JINJA (Shinto Shrine), expressing yin and yang in this world by merging Western ballet and Ryukyuan dance with Midorima’s unique perspective.


·   RE BORN -Bolero- (Ravel)

The ballet masterpiece is unveiled with choreography and performance by Ryoki Midorima, aiming to express a new dance form based on a type of dance transmitted to the Ryukyu Kingdom even before the establishment of the original Ryukyuan dance.


 ·   Shi Ho Hai

“Shi Ho Hai” is the name of a ritual holding at a Japan Imperial Palace and based on it Ryoki reproduced the classic Ryukyu dance while reinterpreting it in his own unique way.


  ·  I suz U

The story of Izanagi and Izanami is from Japanese mythology and depicts the birth of the world. With one swing of their arms they create the original things, a form of movement that forms the basis of a beautifully mystical dance. 


  ·  Other performances (About 90 mins in total) 





“Dancing is praying”

With this belief, Ryoki Midorima, a ballet artist from Okinawa, continues to devote himself to the creation of new art and dance performances.

Going beyond the boundary of dance genres, Midorima created the composite art performance “TOKOIRIYA” as his lifework.


The performance was premiered first in Tokyo in May, 2015 and was also performed at the Valley of Gangala, Okinawa in January, 2016. Both performances finished as huge successes and the venues were filled with ringing applause.


The mystic and unique visions of Ryoki Midorima breaks conventional notions of ballet which originated from the West by merging it with Dance of the Ryukyu Kingdom (Ryukyuan dance), a traditional dance form originated in Okinawa. “TOKOIRIYA” continues to fascinate and attract audiences from Okinawa and abroad.


Through dancing, a universal expression of all humanity, we overcome the past, gaze at the “light” leading to the future, embrace the spirit of “Re-Born” in our dance, share it with the audience, and transmit it to the world.


We would be very happy to welcome you one of our performances

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