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​Ryoki Midorima

Ryoki Midorima


is a Ballet Artist, and a Producer & Designer of “Stage Performing Artists Collective” and is producing the stage performance based on Classic Ballet and Japanese Culture, and he is transmitting their performance worldwide.



On July 24th 25th, “TOKOIRIYA RYOKI to AI vol.6” will be held in Okinawa, Ginoza, Garaman Hall under the safety condition in line with Government Guideline of Prevent the Spread of Infection. This will be the fastest art stage performance in the world after the recent infection incident occurred, and we aim the “THEATER’s RE-BORN” with the full corporation of Garaman Hall.


On July 23rd, “TOKOIRIYA ARtMOViEng” will be livestreamed from Garaman Hall. The programs will contains the newly produced films of performances acted by Ryoki Midorima, and the main casts of TOKOIRIYA, and the 2 live performances; “I suz U” and “RE BORN -Bolero-“ which already have the established reputations.




Vol. 5 was under the theme of “Reincarnation and Purification of a Woman Soul” portrayed with the newly interpreted “Giselle” extracted from “MYRTHA”, “Seimei” (Okinawa Ancestor Worship Ritual, Choreography by Mayu Uesugi), “the SWAN” (expressed the story of Yamato Takeru no Mikoto [performed by Ryoki Midorima], and Ototachibana Hime [performed by Namiho Maeda]), and others.

It was a first “2 days” stage performance in Tokyo.


Performed on “International Composers Festival 2018” in England, as Yohyo in “The Crane Wife”. (Conductor: John Andrews)



“TOKOIRIYA RYOKI to AI vol.4” at SAKURA Hall in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo) expressed “the beginning” of dancing art, and “the praying” which is the motive and origin of dancing art. The program contained “RE BORN -Bolero-“ (evolved as theater ver.) and “Lumières de l 'Est -Light from the East-“, “I suz U”, “Michi”, and others. 



TOKOIRIYA returned in triumph to Okinawa: “TOKOIRIYA RYOKI to AI vol.2” was hold at VALLEY OF GANGALA, Okinawa in January.


“I suz U” (Choreography by Ryoki Midorima) was released at this stage.


These 2 nights stage performances created a big sensation for its mystic and unique visions, and the encore performance was urgently organized with entire support by Ryukyu Broadcasting Corporation, a local TV station.


In June, “TOKOIRIYA RYOKI to AI vol.3” ended while it was a success. 


At this vol. 3, Ryoki released “RE BORN -Bolero-“ which is fully expressed his unique vision with integrating Ryoki’s Ballet (Western Artistic Dance) and Mika Yanagimoto’s Kannon Mai (Japanese Artistic Dance).


And, “RE BORN -Bolero-“ bring TOKOIRIYA to the new phase with established TOKOIRIYA identity and originality: TOKOIRIYA was reborn by this birth of “RE BORN -Bolero-“.



Started the self-produced stage project: “TOKOIRIYA RYOKI to AI”

“TOKOIRIYA RYOKI to AI vol.1” was exhibited at THE KOENJI in Tokyo, and it finished in huge successes and the venues were filled with ringing applause. 



Held the 4 stages tour of “Lumières de l 'Est -Light from the East-“

Started a Project to hold the stages exhibited under the theme of “Heritages Remained to Human-being” and “Dance Disappeared in a Moment” at World Heritage Sites.



Started to dedicate the dance performance artwork to the shrines.

Dedicated “Lumières de l 'Est -Light from the East-“ at Annual Autumn Festival for Tenkawa Daibenzaiten-sha Shrine (Nara Prefecture) on November 2nd.



Produced some ballet competition winners consequently, and win Great Master Award, etc.



Opened the master class for the professional dancers.



Started to produce Annual “Midorima Ballet Studio Performance” and continuing until this year.

Started the career as Ballet Artist, not only a simple Ballet Dancer, with his belief “Dancing is Praying.”



Established “Midorima Ballet Studio” in Okinawa 


18 Years Old:

Started his professional career and involved in a lot of ballet stage performances.


3 Years Old: 

Started to take lessons at Sachiko Nanjyo Ballet Laboratory

Learned under Sachiko Nanjo & Takako Midorima

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